Directory Listing Submission

If you would like your organisation or business to be included in this retirement resource directory I’ll be more than happy to consider your submission.

Few Ground Rules

  1. Please understand that your organisation or business should be of benefit and/or relate to people 50 plus (e.g. discounts, priority, employees 50+, even a service or product that you believe is relevant)
  2. It must be legal, decent and honest.
  3. It should be Canadian or easily accessible to Canadians.
  4. I’m the sole arbiter of what is included or removed.
  5. We all have different social, political and religious views but provided the submission complies with #2 I’ll consider it for inclusion.
  6. This site is a work in progress so additional features will be added. If you would like to receive notification I will need your email address and the button agreeing to my use of your email address must be checked.

 Go To Submit Listing page to get started.

If you already have a listing then visit the Manage Listing page.

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