Retirement News 7 March 2016

The best time to start thinking about your retirement is before the boss does. ~Author Unknown

Bio-cremation: why burn a body when you can dissolve it?

My wife and I have already made it clear that we want to be cremated and if they organize an expensive funeral with limousines and fancy caskets we’ll be back to haunt them. I’m pretty easy about where they spread my remains, even suggested they can keep me in a bag in the car trunk ready for being stuck on an icy driveway.

But the idea of an environmentally friendly bio-cremation opens a whole new possibility. You can hear more about this on the CBC “The 180” Podcast with Jim Brown.

Bank of Canada Email Scam

If you have money someone is going to try to take it. Boomers are often the target. We have money and we are often less tech savvy than other people. So if you get an email from the Bank of Canada remember it does not

  • Accept deposits from individuals.
  • Collect personal or financial information via email.
  • Request personal or financial information through social media.

You can read more about the Bank of Canada warning on the CBC News website.

Archbishop of Toronto speaks out against assisted dying

So I’m guilty of a second death orientated story but we do have to face our own mortality and assisted dying is something more of us will be considering. Even if you disagree with the Archbishop’s views it’s worth reading something that challenges your beliefs if only to make sure you are making the right decision.

Senior Housing Alternatives: Urban C-Housing the Babayaga Way

Think this is my favorite story of the week. Housing and companionship is something that is important to everyone. I want to follow my dad’s example (94 years +) and continue to live in my own home. But after 34 years (and counting) of marriage do I want to live on my own? Urban co-housing might just be the answer. With a combination of mutual care and support , always with the possibility of additional care from outside, this is an idea I’d happily pursue. You can read the whole article about Senior Housing Alternatives: Urban Co-Housing the Babayaga Way, on the Senior Planet website.

Read more about Baba Yaga Place Toronto or visit Ma Maison des BabaYagas Website (Chrome browser does a good translation from the original French).

If you have ideas or news about other retirement living options let us know.

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